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THIS IS THE SKATTER DEMO, IF YOU DON'T SEE IT AS A ZERO (0) COST ITEM - add "demoskatter" in the offer code field!

To buy Skatter go here :

Make sure you get "The Meadow" Pack to test your Skatter Demo along with it ;)

Populate your scenes with UNLIMITED Vegetation with TOTAL CONTROL all while SAVING TIME and never leave SKETCHUP!

Render hundreds of thousands of objects without overloading SketchUp. Scatter them parametrically or paint them by hand, while keeping control over collisions, camera clipping, rotation, scale, translation, randomness and density based on altitude, slope, falloffs and more.

SAVE TIME and take your SketchUp renders to the next level with Skatter!

While in Beta, Skatter is available in limited amount for early adopters who wish to be part of Skatter's evolution towards v1.

Your Skatter Production Can be Rendered by All Render Engines!

The “Render only” feature is currently supported by Thea, V-Ray, Corona, Twilight, Indigo, and Kerkythea. You can still use Skatter with any other render engine (Octane, Maxwell, Shaderlight, Podium, LightUp, etc), by actually generating the objects in the model.


Current version is 1.4.1 since 28 March 2017

SketchUp versions supported - SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 on both Windows and OSX

  • The Skatter Demo for PC & MAC

  • Duration
    15 days
  • The Skatter Demo for PC & MAC
  • Duration15 days
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Skatter for SketchUp v1 DEMO

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